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First Meeting of the General Assembly

First Meeting of the General Assembly

18th June 2013

The first meeting of the General Assembly was held on 18th June 2013 in the Parliament House which was an orientation and introductory meeting for all elected women members of the National Assembly.

The May 2013 election brought a big leap forward in terms of strengthening democratic values in Pakistan. It proved to be a milestone in the country’s political and constitutional history; as the first ever smooth transition of power was witnessed from one civilian government to the other.

The same democratic spirit was also reflected in the Women’s Parliamentary Caucus, where a new Working Council replaced the previous office bearers.

In due course, the new Working Council was nominated by the Founding Patron Dr. Fehmida Mirza in consultation with all political parties in the parliament. Consequently it was formed on the 30th August 2013 having all party representation.

Senator Nuzhat Sadiq from the ruling party PML-N was appointed as new Secretary, whereas MNA Shagufta Jamani from the opposition party PPP was appointed as a Treasurer.

Senator Nuzhat sadiq rendered her services for WPC until January 2014 when she was replaced by MNA Shaista Pervez Malik (PML-N) on January 29th 2014 as the Secretary WPC.


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